identify, quantify, exploit

We are a boutique investment consultancy specializing in identifying, quantifying and exploiting under-the-radar, non-correlated alpha generating strategies for our stable of ultra-high net worth individuals and families. 

Also providing a complete suite of bespoke services for hedge funds and alternative asset managers, including multiple dynamic fund structures in a variety of global domiciles, negotiated service provider fees, as well as complete marketing services and specialized research makes us the ideal platform for unique investment offerings and fund set-up options.

Our current portfolio of alpha generating machines includes niche hedge funds specializing in genetic algorithmic artificial intelligence, volatility arbitrage, third-tier economy arbitrage, and systematic futures trading, among others.

Relentlessly exploiting edge and market inefficiencies; our investments and relationships are not limited to hedge funds.

They include seed and later stage investments with bleeding edge, venture capitalists and funds deeply involved in automating human labor, revolutionizing real estate management, and health data. As well as, traditional real estate, commercial lending, blockchain, decentalized transaction applications, and prediction markets.

We look forward to speaking with you about your goals and vision for your better tomorrow!