David S. Goodboy

David S. Goodboy

David S. Goodboy  is  managing partner of intrendX, a Palm Beach and New York City based private equity and hedge fund marketing service.  He is also  founder of the Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association.

In addition to his role at intrendX, David worked with Adria Partners—a Bond Lease Real Estate Fund, founded by world renowned philanthropist and real estate investors, Dr. Zell Kravinsky as well as, Dr. Barry Brian.  

Previously, he learned the fund business from the ground up with the 5th  Avenue, NYC based niche fund of funds, Eagle’s View Asset Management, where he worked in concert with the CIO, who is arguably the top niche hedge fund investor in the world. 

In this position, David successfully raised funds in the 8 figures and networked with many of the wealthiest and successful hedge fund managers in the business. 

 He has extensive hands on experience in the electronic trading arena, since 1990, having traded for a St.Thomas /Chicago based derivative arbitrage firm, with a hedge fund, and his own account.

David is well versed in technical analysis, tape reading, niche strategies, fundamental analysis and stock picking.  His knowledge base runs deep and wide in currencies, equities, derivatives and index futures.

Mr. Goodboy held the position of stock editor/journalist at Tradingmarkets.com, an active web based financial educational company and content provider for Yahoo Finance.  

In this role, he was published daily on the home page of Yahoo Finance and had his thoughts and market views distributed worldwide in a variety of languages.  During his tenure at Tradingmarkets.com, David conducted a series of interviews with over 30 hedge fund managers, traders, economists, authors, academics and financial rouges.    

This position was leveraged to gain access and introductions to many of the financial world’s top talent resulting in a solid start into the hedge fund business.   His views and articles are published widely across the web on a variety of blogs and sites under his own byline and as a ghost writer for several financial luminaries.

Earlier, David worked on the team that developed the world’s first broker owned media outlet: E*Trade On-Air where he also served as a daily stock commentator, stock picker with Jonathan Hoenig and Kate Bohner,  previously of CNBC, for a nationally syndicated radio program via Infinity Broadcasting. 

As a note of interest, TipRanks.com lists David’s stock picking skill in the top 6% of over 9000 tracked financial experts and in the top 4% of over 5000 stock market bloggers. 

David resides on Palm Beach Island with his wife and daughter.  In his spare time, he can be found fishing, kayaking and paddle boarding on the local waters.