Our Philosophy

The evidence is clear that consistent alpha is becoming more and more difficult to find.  The mainstream, institutional investing strategies such as long/short equities and other traditional tactics have simply become over-saturated with capital. 

A quick look at any fund performance database will reveal that hedge funds have consistently produced declining results over the last several years.  Even the sectors “superstars” have been struggling to create alpha for their partners. 

At the same time, smaller, capacity constrained, niche type strategies have been consistently outperforming the overall market.  Many of these strategies just do not possess the capital capacity to interest institutional sized investors, therefore, remain fertile ground for creating alpha.

Our Approach

Alpha generating opportunities have become decentralized and are in a constant state of evolution. There is no longer a one size fits all approach that works today. 

Utilizing a holistic, strategy agnostic model enables us to provide customized solutions to our consulting clients far outside the scope of traditional portfolios. 

Our global network of ultra high net worth investors, family offices, alternative financial professionals, researchers, and active traders, combined with being early stage stakeholders in a variety of under the radar strategies, provide us with unprecedented access, capacity rights, and intimate knowledge of a wide variety of non-correlated alpha creating machines for sophisticated investors.